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  • 产品描述:: GA series screw compressor
  • 产品描述:: 7.5kw~250kw ,7~12.5 bar
  • 产品描述:: utmost efficiency , stability,,
  • 产品描述::
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GA series screw compressors to uphold high efficiency, low carbon, reliable concept, first-class compressor manufacturing technology as the basis, to ensure that the low operation cost and provide a reliable compressed air.

Efficient GAVSD frequency conversion motor: using a special design, effectively restrain the harmonic harm to motor, and improves the low freq output torque of the motor; special motor enameled wire, insulation and strengthen the turn-to-turn insulation strength, especially the insulation withstand voltage capability greatly enhanced; effectively avoids the phenomenon of the low-frequency resonance; special cooling mode, ensure the motor in low frequency operation also has enough self cooling capacity.


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